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[slide title=”THE CREASES OF ADDRESS”]

THE CREASES OF ADDRESS / Based on an old poem
Music: SADNESS COSMO by Bruno Philippsen ( Passo Fundo, Brazil )
Narration: Chris Vail

[slide title=”SHIFT – Short Film”]

Shift is about the unsettling, ever expanding matrix of arrangements. It is the permutations & combinations of the plastic reality and its implosion with the abstract. Shift borders around the disjointed, the regimented fine arrays of the real and the artificial. It is flowing, interrupted, divided, aggregated, mixed, mashed denominations of human behavior. It is the very human exercise… inventing, devising the newer absolution… shifting the divine to devised. This film has been submitted in ONEDOTZERO 2009

[slide title=”THE PERFECT FALL – Short Film”]


[slide title=”IN THE VALLEY OF RED HOUSES – Short Film”]

A small short based on paintings from Inertia and Division exhibitions. The film is about discovering the ordinary yet out of places instances of relationships which keep interconnecting to form the absolute chaos. The chaos binds every conscious element and merges to form the bigger, complex sets… ready to re-populate the new world.